The Ultimate Growth Partner for a Law Firm’s Business Development

The Ultimate Growth Partner for a Law Firm’s Business Development


About us

Blulegal helps you optimise your law firm’s brand identity and makes it resonate with peers and clients by employing time-tested digital marketing expertise to get you meaningfully noticed.

With significant experienced years of being marketing mavens across sectors, our vision is to substantially scale your legal practise and future proof your firm.

At Blulegal, we don’t sit still. We are at the forefront of innovation and improvisation. Our field experts constantly enhance our existing solutions and create new efficiencies to solve several pain points when it comes to running a business development practice for a law firm.

While your legal drafting expertise in unparalleled, so is our expertise in narrating your brand story to get you instantly and consistently noticed. Understanding the nuances of the legal landscape through extensive industry experience, we offer an omnipresent marketing and business development services for the overall growth of your law firm and the acceleration of your brand value. Trust the strength of powerful communication and entrust us to be your reliable Growth Partner.

Our specially curated legal-support offerings are:

  • Annual Legal Submissions
  • Business Intelligence for Partners
  • Firms Website Content
  • Legal Content Writing / Blogs / Articles / Newsletters
  • Legal Events and Negotiations
  • LinkedIn Content Marketing for the Firm
  • Online Reputation Management (SEO / SMM)
  • Public Relations (online & offline media)
  • Website Overhauling and Content

Why Us?

We understand a firm’s requirements, we collaborate with our legal patrons to make legal content that is brief, crisp and clear and positions its stakeholders as Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields. We reliably take off the onus of legal content marketing and practice development function from our stakeholders, so that they can focus on core client work.

Clients Testimonials

“It was a great partnership with Blue Ocean Imc. They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. I think what sets Blue Ocean apart is trustworthiness. It starts with their tailor-made solutions proactive approach and transparency, that characterised our relationship. Blue Ocean IMC grew to become an extension of our marketing team"

Sujjain Talwar

Sujjain Talwar, Co-Founding Partner, ELP

“Blue Ocean exceeded our expectations and positioned Phoenix Legal in exactly the light we intended which we could not have achieved without Blue Ocean's expertise and quick turnaround time.”

Sawant Singh

Sawant Singh, Co-Founder and Partner, Phoenix Legal

“It was great partnering with Blue Ocean IMC. They are attuned to their client requirements and offer a thorough and focused approach to dealing with it. The Blue Ocean Team delivers the client brief with a degree of professionalism and focused approach. This resonates in there in depth knowledge across varied fields. Rahat and Dilip have assembled an incredibly capable efficient and well driven team .”

Vineet Naik

Vineet Naik, Senior Advocate

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