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Immersive communication is at the forefront of next gen technology. It combines novel technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) to create content that is truly unique and eyeball grabbing. This realm of interactive media unlocks new possibilities, combining the best of physical and digital worlds.


At Blue Ocean IMC, we realize the potential of immersive communication. It can revolutionize how consumers connect with brands, get information and interact with one another in this digital-first world. We fully engage and fascinate consumers by incorporating AR, VR, MR, 360 video, 3D modelling and animations into our curated solutions.


This allows brands and institutions to create a new mode of communication, marketing, learning and collaboration.

Our specially curated immersive communication offerings are:

Bringing products to life in 3D through digital twin models, augmenting the commerce experience with virtual ways to shop and buy.

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Experiential Learning Methodology that incorporates AR/VR and allows learners to interact with real world scenarios digitally with improved engagement and effectiveness.

Building new ways to process information, master skills and improve performance through virtually simulated environments and situations.

Creating interactive brand engagement through immersive content, shared experiences and location-based activations.

360° Photography and Videography Immersive Virtual Tours

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Create virtual 3D avatars specifically designed for your needs and use case.

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Create Chatbots that gives your customers a human-like interaction experience.

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